Scary Sunscreen and Your Safety

Scary Sunscreen and Your Safety
The skin is the largest organ in the human body. Your skin is also the first place you show your age. And what have we always been taught? Slather on the sunscreen. 
I’m about to say something controversial. The sun is GOOD for you. Sunlight is good for you. 
Now I’m not advocating for grabbing your bottle of baby oil and spending five hours on a lounger by the pool in full sun. But there is happy middle ground. 
Sun is an important source of Vitamin D. We cannot get enough Vitamin D in our diet without supplements and/or sunshine. Sunlight also helps to reduce inflammation, can lower blood pressure, improve brain function, and support the immune system. 
When you will be outside for an extended period of time, which sunscreen should you use? 
There are chemical sunscreens and mineral/physical sunscreens. Chemical sunscreens have been shown to absorb into our bodies (and stay there almost a month!) and have many adverse side effects. 
Side effects of chemical sunscreens include: endocrine disruption, fertility problems, poor birth outcomes for babies, cancer, abnormal sperm function, and more. Yikes. 
Mineral sunscreens have either Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide—many have both minerals, which is ideal. They act as a physical barrier on the skin, reflecting the sun's rays. Mineral sunscreens also wash off easily with soap and water. 

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