Want to Lose Weight?

Want to Lose Weight?
Want to Lose Weight?

If you ask most women, they would say "yes." 

And there is a lot to be said for maintaining a healthy weight. For me, it was about the stress on my joints. The lack of self-confidence.  The desire to stay out of pictures. The tendency to miss social connections because I was embarrassed. 

Okay, so this has to be said. As we start to discuss weight loss, remember that comparison truly is the thief of joy. Remember that it is a slow and steady pace that wins the race. 

So when we talk about weight loss, don't think about your best friend. Or your sister. Or your favorite barista. You aren't racing against them. You are racing against the woman you were yesterday. 

But most of all, remember that if you don’t do the inner work, the physical stuff will be fleeting. You’ll likely lose some weight. You may very well hit your goal weight. 

You just won’t be able to stay there. 

There are some lies we’ve believed that need to be brought into the light. There’s truth that we need to accept. And there’s a love for self that has to be cultivated. 

So as we begin discussing weight and healthy living in general, the inner work truly does need to go hand in hand with that. 

Prayer, counseling, journaling, meditation, exercise, having a tribe of kindred spirits to do life with. These are all some of the tools that are helpful in healing and growing from the inside. And if left unacknowledged, I found I’d continue to grow on the outside.

Take a step today to identify, work on, and then release the hurts or trauma that laid the groundwork for an unhealthy relationship with food. This is not a quick process. But it is a worthwhile process.

Once you have done the inner work, then, and only then, will you have the tools in your toolbelt to maintain weight loss. You may run and diet and drink all the water. But if you are not able to conquer the reason that you gained the weight in the first place, any weight loss that you do achieve will likely be temporary. 

I have conquered the inner work. And I learned the secret to continuing to conquer it every single day. Now I am also taking care of the physical work and sharing this journey with others. 

We would love to have you in our Facebook Group if you would like to start the journey with your own inner work, learn more about living healthy, and share space with other women who are knocking it out of the park. If this sounds like you, come join us here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/smallstepsandselfcare.....

Looking forward to meeting you, so we can lock arms and be happier, be healthier, and every day be more of the women that we were created to be. 

XO, La Sheonda

The ONE thing to look for if you want to lose weight

The ONE thing to look for if you want to lose weight
I had a moment a few months ago where my health changed. 


Some of you have heard me talk about it. I went from having trouble standing up to incredible energy and mobility in my joints. And after months of slow trickling weight loss, the pounds just started falling off. Like A LOT. 

I looked at what I had changed (started my antioxidant juice) and attributed everything to that. And don’t get me wrong. That juice is the stuff. 

But I have come to realize that the moment-to-moment change and drastic improvement would not have been possible without the steps taken before. 

I’ve come to call this “Priming the Pump.” 

In the 1800s, this phrase meant using a small amount of liquid to get a larger pump going. Without doing that, the oil might never be pulled up by the pump. In order to access the oil in the ground the pump had to be “primed” first. Without that step, oil would not flow freely or may not flow at all. 

How did I prime my pump? I had been removing toxins from our fridge and pantry for years. Eating healthier and drinking more water. About three years ago, I started swapping out household and personal care products. When I’d finish one that had dyes, fragrance, SLS, phthalates, carcinogens, chemical sunscreen, et al, I’d replace it with a clean alternative that had none of those unhealthy ingredients. Little by little, I swapped and switched every cleaner, detergent, soap, moisturizer, shampoo, cosmetic, and bath gel for something cleaner. Something better. 

If I hadn’t cleared my system out from all the yuck, my body would not have been able to respond as completely or quickly as it did. 

So before you seek the perfect diet, exercise plan, or trainer, start reading ingredients. On your food AND everything else as well. 

The bathroom cabinets. The makeup drawer. The shelf in the shower. 

Once I started being the gatekeeper of my home, I didn’t know it yet, but I was priming the pump.

I am here to help more women do the same. Prime the pump in order to get their health flowing. If that's you, come join our private Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/smallstepsandselfcare..

Our community of women is locking arms and moving forward happier, healthier, and becoming more every day exactly the women that we were created to be. Looking forward to meeting you! 

XO, La Sheonda

Huge Bucket List Item!

Huge Bucket List Item!
When I was in the 3rd grade, I won the Young Author's Conference in our city. Writing has always been something that I loved. Reading, too. 

As I grew older, my writing grew and continued. But the sharing of that writing screeched to a halt. I always had friends and colleagues asking me for help with their writing for projects or editing pieces they'd written. Even bosses would hand me their own writing, speeches, and presentations to red-line. 

But the little girl who loved to write? She was long gone. 

Then 2020 happened. 

I was laid off with many around the world. One thing I used my extra time for? You guessed it--writing. I wrote about my kids, our rose bush, and a friend from middle school. I wrote out my prayers, my dreams, and my Bible study notes. I just wrote. 

Then in early 2021, I was asked to join twenty-five women in writing a book. The theme was success, but not in the hustle, grind, and dog-eat-dog kind of way. This success is the kind that fulfills purpose and makes the heart swell. The kind that it takes in order to become the person that you were truly created to be. 

Each woman in the collaboration wrote a chapter on one tiny slice of the success pie. Mine was success as a single mom. I had walked the single mom road, raised an exemplary daughter, and married a friend from high school. I had definitely found ways to be successful as a single mom while also leaving it behind when I found my husband who also became a father to my daughter. 

Living that was an uphill road most of the way. And when you write about it, you relive every bit of that. Writing and editing and writing some more. 

In the end, I created what I would have needed when I was pregnant all those years ago as a soon-to-be single mom. What would help? What should be avoided? What do I wish someone had told me?

One of my biggest dreams is to be a published author. But checking off that line item on my bucket list does not hold a candle to being able to serve other single moms along their journey. 

In our new book, in my Facebook group, in my women's small group Bible study, in my volunteer time, my heart is for moms who are walking their road solo. Much of the time or all of the time. Some are single moms, some are spiritually single, while others are military wives or women whose husbands travel extensively for business. And some are single women who are walking the road completely alone, even without children. 

If you are a woman or a mom or someone who has experienced overwhelm, I would love to chat. And if you are, our private Facebook group is for you. You can check it out here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/smallstepsandselfcare.... 

Looking forward to meeting you!

La Sheonda