What is the ONE key to improving your health?

What is the ONE key to improving your health?
Looking to lose weight?

It would probably be easier to ask who is NOT looking to lose weight. It seems to be an unending cycle for a large majority of people, especially women. 

To complicate things, the expert opinions and conventional wisdom floating around are full of disagreement and conflicting information. Should we eat every couple hours or fast? Should we focus our diet around whole grains or should we limit carbs? And is it better to do as much cardio in the gym as possible, or should we lift weights when we exercise?

Regardless of which answer to each of these questions that you subscribe to, you can still move forward with your health journey. And that IS the biggest thing. For anyone. 

Move forward. 

Remember that getting healthy, losing weight, changing how you eat, creating an exercise habit, and almost anything else we do, requires two things:
--small actions repeated over time

You won't lose 25 pounds over night. But you can lose 1-2 pounds this week. You probably won't be able to complete a marathon without training. But you can walk for twenty minutes after dinner. 

Small steps. All in the direction of your goal. They add up over time. 

Right now I am taking small steps toward a green thumb. Planted a few flowers and vegetables, water them, learning what they need. It'll grow over time. 

What are some small steps you are taking toward your goal right now? I would love to hear them in the comments. And what is your larger goal that those small steps are taking you toward?

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La Sheonda